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    Some 10 years back I was given 2 Mauser rifles, pumped full of grease, and the bolts dropped in an ice-cream tub full of sump oil.
    This particular method used by a Mate of mine, who had the "nouse" to realise that living on the edge of Bass Straight, that damp, and salt air, was the biggest killer of rifles. They had been like that for approx 15 years, and the grease had gone hard.

    I made up a soak, consisting of 3 1/2 feet of 6" PVC down pipe, with an end cap. I then filled it with Diesel, removed the stocks, and dropped the rest of the rifles into the tubes, for approx 1 month at a time.
    Removed each in turn and scrubbed like crazy.
    To my surprise they both came up brilliantly.

    the top one is a 1915 Karl Gustaff 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser
    the other is a 1935 8mm Turkish Mauser
    The barrels are pristine

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    Nice rifles Bucky. Now go paint your toenails. :eek:

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    Years ago I was parking a motorcycle outside during Ohio winter. I smeared grease on the handlebars thinking the chrome wouldn't rust like that. OOPS! The chrome bars rusted up so bad it was unreal. I guess the moisture goes through the grease or the grease traps the moisture from metal going cold to warm to cold. Whatever reason it didn't work.
    I have been coating my rifle barrels with boiled linseed oil {blo}. I have not had any rusting or pitting on my rifles so far and it has been a year in this Texas humidity.
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    Turned out real nice Bucky !!