price of gun club memberships ??

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    I shoot at the FT Lewis range. Its cheap at $5.50 to shoot all day. Its only open sat & sun and would like the option to shoot anyday of the week..There are local gun club ranges but they`re kinda pricey..what are you all paying for memberships ??
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    Only priced one near me

    One here in Tyler has increased from $175 a year to $240.00 and doesn't mention a senior or any other discount. I am not sure whether it is just an inside range or if it has an outside range. Range fees are $10 for 2 hours and if you are not a member it is $20 for 2 hours for one person. Other charges apply if you bring a guest.

    The Milan (IL) Rifle Club is $125.00 a year and $75 for seniors over 60. By the looks of shooting opportunities here near Tyler, I may be better off going back home because there aint no place to shoot here where I am. (whine whine whine... ad infinitum, ad nauseum):)
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    The county where I live has a Fish & Game Club that charges $35 a year. The range has earthen mounds at 25, 50, 100 & 230 yards and is open anytime unless other scheduled events are going on. Example is one day a month for local LEO qualifications and one weekend a month for the Local Silhouette Handgun Club.

    The next county to the west charges $30 per year at their Fish & Game Club. Never been there so I don't know the particulars.

    I can think of 3 other local Clubs that have very limited usage. Two of them are Trap Shooting only and the third has very limited caliber restrictions.

    I am a life member at the Shelby County Deer Hunters Association. They have a 99 acre club grounds. Includes hunting privileges after 2 years as a member. (squirrel, turkey & deer)
    They provide a 25 yd. pistol range. A 50 yd. rifle range. A 100 yd. rifle range. A 100 & 200 yd. Bench Rest Range. 2 Trap Houses. A 70 yd. open range where anything goes.
    Total members are limited to 400 and you must be approved by 3 active members and voted on at a meeting by at least 21 members.
    Initiation Fee is $100
    Annual Membership is $40. It must be renewed annually or you're out and have to pay the initiation fee again. After 3 years in good standing, a lifetime membership is available. Each new member is required to volunteer at least 8 hours of work per year for the first 5 years or you're out.
    Lifetime membership is $350.
    Lifetime over 50 years of age is $250.
    Lifetime over 65 years of age is $150.

    There are multiple ranges and clubs within a 50 mile radius ranging from the affordable to the uber-wealthy elitist clubs.

    I'm wanting to become a member of the SWO1 Gun Club as soon as they have their Grand Opening and open the enrollment. :D
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    Membership in mine will be:

    Bring your own ammo...
    Police your brass.....Unless it's something I use........:D

    Thinkin my little "for fun" bulleyes matches will be $2.00 to cover the cost of targets. Already have 50' slow fire and timed/rapid fire on hand. My gun shop says can order larger quanties for even cheaper.

    As soon as I get the 50 yd backstop dozed up and the benches built and covered will have:

    100 yd rifle, any caliber (one bench now, could add another)
    50 yd rimfire with covered benches, or any caliber if ya want (3 benches)
    50' rimfire bulleyes with mechanical targets....probley will run 600 matches, twice across with 10 slow, 10 timed, and 10 rapid. (3 lanes )

    Depending on the shooter, possible to allow larger calibers at the 50' range.....I dont want my mechanical frames shot up........:eek:

    Also will have a 3yd, 7yd, and 10yd line at the bulleyes range for SD shooting at sillouites (mechanical frames will be removed for that).

    A couple of my nieces shot my target frame to pieces with my nephews S&W .50. I had a full roll of red construction paper (2x250) laying at the base and they shot it full of holes.....:(
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    The local MO Dept of Conservation range is $3.00 an hour, but if they get busy, they limit you to one hour. They have a rifle, pistol and trap shooting for the shot gunners.

    I belong to one of the best ranges in the Mid-West, it's not cheap, but it's nice. It is $500 your first year and then $250 annual dues. It is a key card club. You get a card to let you in and out. Unlimited access except for weather and special events. We will be hosting an international event I believe in 2014. It is not an open membership. They only sign up new members once a year as openings become available. If there are openings you have to be vetted or sponsored.
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    There's 1 around here that's $35 a year.
  7. dads81-DL

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    The one I've been showing up to is $35.00 a year. Trap and Skeet club. Michigan DNR has a area adjacent to the property with three dirt mounds at 25,50 &100 yards. With about 6 double benches, 1 wheel chair accessible bench and a long bench for about 4 people. The DNR range is open to the public and free. 9am 7pm or till sundown.