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Proper Bullet Seating

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Proper Bullet Seating Depth


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Good article four....

Explains the procedure real well. Without an OAL gauge works great. I like to start .02 off the lands. However I don't agree with the "lighter the bullet deeper the setback" At least dosnt work with my .223 and the little 52 gr Match Kings.
I have gone away from that time proven method, which basically, I preached for years, to a more exacting one, using the Hornady AOL gauge, and a cleaning rod.
Simply because I had lost confidence in some of my shooting, only to find out that I have not been consistent enuf with my "feel for the Lands", on my rifles. I have been seating the projectiles into the lands, and not at a point that is just "kissing the lands". That explains that sometimes "Human Error" causes inaccuracy.
The difference in the 2 methods, and the feel, seem miniscure, but the subsequent settings, can be up to 60 thou difference, and the consistent accuracy achieved again, has proven to me that whatever method you are comefortable using, another opinion and method, often helps.
Please keep in mind that "throat wear" also plays a big part in any type of bullet seating

I hope this makes sense, as I have just come off night shift
(a poor excuse, I know but that is all I have):p

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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