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Firstly, Season's Greatings to you.

Now to answer your questions
1) Not sure about this one, what you need to do is try cycling the 1985, and see how it fits, and feels.
Example.... I put a patchmayer pad on my .270 Remington 700, but nothing on my .444 marlin 1895.
It depends how easy it comes up, in the field.

2) I can shoot an 1895 in a 45-70 using 325gr Leverevolution ammo all day. You should have no issues with it, if you use a Shotgun. Then again I am not sensitive to recoil

3) Not sure !

4) I have fitted 2 Pachmayr pads now, the other to a 6.5x55 Sweedish Mauser, (again, just because it makes the rifle fit my style better) Each time I have used a linishing belt, and masking tape, to protect the Wooden Stocks.
I would not use sandpaper, it's way too slow, and I don't believe it would come up s neat a fit, as what a linishing belt would do.

Hope this helps ?

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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