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I rolled him over on his back and heard a squishy sound and then I saw blood on the side of his head. Also some fluffy white stuff.

It seems that the 20 ga slug deflected off that limb and entered the left eye, dead center, and exited the right ear. There was no broken skin anywhere. I had a perfectly clean wound free carcass.

I showed a shootin buddy and he couldn't figure it out until I showed him. His response: Wow...wonder what was the last thing that crossed his mind?
That reminds me of a squirrel I shot once.I had the .22 sighted in perfect and always aimed and hit them in either an eye or ear.One that I aimed for the ear I couldn't find the exit hole.After a few minutes a drop of blood came out of the other ear,in 1 ear and out the other :D.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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