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Racoon problem in residential area

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How do I get rid of two problem raccoons that my neighbor is feeding with cat food?
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Depends upon WHICH STATE you reside. Don't reckon anyone around here, outside of a couple "country clubbers" with noses pointing a bit too high would really care...or even notice. Urban ***** can be active at anytime. If they've already been 'baptized' into the welfare way. They'll come to the food source whenever they get a whiff. Hate to see them go to waste, they do make some pretty good eats if it's not an old boar and the grand matriarch. Noticed a strange fur ball and thought it was another cat this morning ~ 0900 Twas a small ground hog nosing around the steps to the kid's company office this morning. Not the right place for harvesting with a center-fire pistol right in the 'middle of town', beside not legal unless animal is confirmable as a nuisance, in which case...termination is allowed IAW MO Dept of Conservation regs. SO in MO...if your raccoons are nuisances and you've reported them for extrication via Havahart cage trap and no action by Animal Control or the Game Warden after 3-7 days, I'd feel no obligation to be concerned about punching their ticket to the pot for a parboil and onto the grill :D A subsonic will humanely dispatch even a big old ****.
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Trouble brewing with poison! What IF a neighbor's cat/pup happened to get loose and take the bait before the ***** get to it. What other critters could you possibly be responsible for terminating with a poisoned bait?

Call, give em a couple of days to respond with cage trap and then either shoot the damn thing or forget about it. You probably don't want the bad PR and a lawsuit brought for taking out an extended family member from someone's household.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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