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    A "Little Bit" of rain yesterday evening thru last night. Also High winds. A couple big tree tops down in my back range blocking my shooting lane. Looks like the Mississippi river running down thru the bottom of my place, glad Im on top. 4' of water across I-44 near me last night, rescues of stranded people in cars/trucks. I have to go that way tomorrow to a couple shooting matches. Power out to over 1,100 this morning in Buffalo the small town here.

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    got the two big limbs cut up and cleared out from in front of my target frame. Still about 4-5 more and all the trimmings I have to cut up and haul off. After I cut up the main trunk (about 25' tall) I will have enough wood for many,many camp fires.

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    Here in Texas we are having our typical close to draught conditions. I have to say I like it better than the rains every week we had in the spring.
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    Yup, all the rain that led to flooding. It was terrible.