Range report on Armscor model 200 .38 spcl.

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    Out the door at $237 from my shop. A medium frame 6 shot revolver, 4" barrel, all steel, with plyomer grip. Weighing in at just over 28oz. unloaded. It has a black parkerized finish and the fit is decent. A full barrel schroud with fixed front and rear sights. The front blade is thick although with no insert (all black) and the rear a wide notch again all black. The trigger housing is big enough to allow for easy access with gloves ( I shot some with them on). The trigger pull in SA measured 3.14 to 3.17 on ten consectuive pulls. Double action is shorter and lighter than my Smith 28 or Taurus 605. The trigger spur is long and wide. It has a sliding bar saftey so 6 can be carried in the cylender. The cylender release slides to the rear. Like most all medium to small frame revolvers the ejection rod travel is a little to short to fully eject spent brass, so you have to knock them out with your finger.

    I shot 50 rounds of Winchester White Box 130gr wad cutters. On the box labeled at 898 fps at the muzzle and 763 fps at 25 yds.

    Groups at 7 yards were within 2" on SA with a two handed grip. Back at 12 yds it opened up to maybe 2 1/4". I was shooting a 10" target with black background and 1/2" red center. The all black sights made it hard to pick up a specific sight point. But this is not a Target grade gun. More than adaquate for self defense under 25 yds.

    I tried something I hadn't in a long time, Point shooting from a combat stance. Knees bent, two handed grip with gun held out, wrist and elbow locked, with weapon just below nose level. I shot DA from 3 and 7 yards. All shots where within about 3 1/2" around the clock of center....BUT LOW. 10 rounds at 3 and 10 at 7 yds. I was 4" low consistently. Got to get back into that mode. It's a matter of "where my eyes are focused" and grip angle. Like everything else.....PRACTICE.

    The pistol feels good. Recovers well and gets back on target fast. Recoil is almost nil. There is a little "hitch" in the trigger pull in DA at the end of the cycle. I believe this is due to the sliding bar saftey having to be cycled up, which dosnt happen in SA, its already up. Hopefully this will smooth out with use. But its not unmanagable as it is. The stock grips are long enough, and deep enough from front to back. But they could (for me) be a little wider with a thumb rest. This would be benificial in a one handed grip but as is, dosnt affect a two handed grip.

    My opinion so far is for a 6 shot all steel revolver under $250 for SD a good deal. I have a pair of speed loaders ordered and plan on relacing my Smith 28 with it as my primary carry weapon...

    Here it is.....Given the decision of replacing my lousy $20 camera or buying another gun or equipment....My decision is.....Here is another Crappy picture of my new gun....Expect a lot more in the foreseable future.......:D

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    Sounds like you did okay and it will do what it's supposed to. Love to have been there when you did your two-handed-knees-bent combat stance, the "youngsters" at the range (anyone under 40) probably saw that for the first time - hope you were wearing a hat.

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    It was just me shooter...my range...I had on my goofy bomber furry hat...ITS COLD. Standing in the snow. Looked like Na-nook of the North probley....LOL
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    It looks a lot like a Charter Arms Bulldog. Sounds like it shoots just fine for what it's intended.