Range Report on the Taurus/Rossi Wizzard with .308 Barrel

Discussion in 'Other Guns' started by SWO1, May 7, 2013.

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    After mounting and shooting the 7XVH .223 I broke out the new Wizzard to try it out.

    At 50 yds. with Open sights using Remington Core-Lok 150 gr. Factory. I don't have anything loaded up yet....:p

    Off of a rest Looking at the FiberOptic sights....Not bad. Red front that sits between two green dots in the rear. With my bad eyes I could only take a good guess I was holding on the 3" orange sticky. I busted two rounds and went to take a look. Both rounds touching.......5" high and 1.5" left. I did that :eek: But Ut-oh...Looking at the gun I had developed a slight hair-line crack in the wood buttstock on the left side just starting behind the receiver. Got to keep and eye on that.

    Three more rounds and I came back to reality...the group opened up to about 1.5"....More like I'm used to with my eyesight and no scope. But from the looks of it I have a pretty good barrel, either that or it heats up quick and starts opening up. Either way a for hunting rifle if it will key-hole the first two I'M HAPPY. I won't be shooting any bench matches with it.

    Overall the trigger isn't the greatest...but plenty good for hunting.

    The extractor doesn't fling the case out but just brings it out about 3/8" and you have to manually pull it out....That's fine by me.

    The new cartridge goes in and stops just short of going past the extractor, which was a problem with the H&R .243 I had, causing the extractor to not seat in front of the rim and not extract the spent brass. At least the factory ammo does this, will see with re-loads.

    I put a total of 8 rounds thu it today and the crack didn't progress any further. Later when I try the .243 barrel will check it again. Will remove the stock so I can check it on the inside to see what it looks like.

    The high cheek rest on the stock is PERFECT. Recoil is light.

    Think I will get another Center-Point 4x-16x to mount along with the .243 barrel. I have had good performance on the boy's .308s with them.
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    Sounds encouraging. It doesn't have to shoot one hole groups....it only has to put one hole in a deer. :D