Range Report: Taurus 605PLYB2 .357 2"

Discussion in 'Other Weapons' started by SWO1, Dec 8, 2012.

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    The daughter and myself shot it from 3 and 7 yards. Sights are right on. Trigger is great in single action....a little long in Double action but smooth.

    We put 100 rds of .38 125 gr. FMJ thu it with no flaws what so ever. Extractor stroke is a little short and dosnt fully eject the brass...was the same on the Charter Arms we tested. I put 5 Rem. .357 125 gr. SJHP from 7 yards. A little more accurate than the .38s. But they are 60% faster, also twice the enengy. Wouldnt want to shoot very much of them out of this gun. My daughter shot 1....All she said was WOW !! Although she did center cut the shot. I then let her shoot my S&W Mod 28 5" .357. BIG DIFFERENCE. That you can shoot all day. We ran out of ammo or she would still be slinging lead. Have to get a set of dies now....LOL and another trip to Sierra for bullets.

    I did have her clean it. Ran 3 patches of Butchs thru the bore and 4 clean patches....spotless. Also ran 1 thru the cylenders and brushed the innards good with it. Sprayed down with Brake cleaner...dryed and oiled. Good to go for next session. Only takes 10 minutes.

    All in all...a nice [email protected] $360 out the door a pretty good deal with a lifetime warrenty. Tested the Positive Lock system. Insert key behind the trigger and half turn. Cant cock the hammer or work the action. Half turn takes it off. Comes with 2 keys on key rings. If ya lose em, just a small allen wrench with a key handle. The frame is Poly, cylender is steel, barrel is stainless. Front sight is Fiber optic and rear sight is adjustable for windage with supplied allen wrench. Comes with full sized grips installed (long) and a set of shorter grips. Both sets of grips are hard rubber substace. At just under 21 oz a nice .38...little light for a .357 but OK. Even tho its rated for .38 +P think I would just load some lighter .357s....same difference. Using the Sierra 125 JHP bullet will go .38 and .357 with same bullet. Already checked and Sierra has some good looking loads for both using Unique and CCI 500 small pistol primers.
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    Thanks for the great review SW01 !

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    Well good for her....and good for you for taking her shooting. Girls/Women need to know how to handle a firearm. Might save their life one day.
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    The WOW factor is really big on the SW AirWt (.357) and the .38 LCR with just 150gr White box. The AirWt & LCRs both hurt my big hands and left a bruise on her thumb bone, palm side after a total of 8 the rounds she fired combined in both. My wife declined the revolver route and went with a Walther PK380 that she can easily rack. It's 'spot on', just the lil .380s need a double tap if ever called into defensive use due to low energy of the diminutive rounds. The PK is a blast to shoot, just wish I'd finally collect enough brass to warrant Lee Carbide 4-die set. Our 4 girls prefer shooting pistols to shooting a rifle (Okay, my daughter that's an USAF Major loves to send a bunch down range via full auto on her issued weapon whenever she gets the chance. I keep pushing the eldest two to spend more time and get a CCW.

    Off the thread but, BTW...15 June 2013 is "National Take the Family to the Range". SEE POST in GENERAL DISCUSSION.
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    spoon...I have no worries with my wife carrying the .22 and dont think your wire will be undergunned with the .380 at all.

    As for National Family Range Day...With our range right here at the house...its every day....well at least 2-3 times a week now......:D

    Next project is to re-do the range....will install a better backstop with 2 target frames. Permanent bench at 50 to go along with the one at 100. Also will have a mobile one with two stations for pistol. I will get the 4 die set for the .38/.357 (carbide). At $7 a pound for Sierra 125gr JHPs figure I can load em up for .08 - .10 a round.
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    Ain't life wonderful with Sierra's kind pricing on "2nds"? Can make using LC boolitz a moot point unless your burning them up as fast as you can load/re-load them. Sometimes hard to find prefered pills with demands as they are. I'd make a call 1st before heading up to grab a mess. Sometimes there are plenty and other times for certain cals, designs and wts...they've already left in other's pockets. I figure a revolver cuts down on the amount of rounds expended and probably makes for a more productive marksmanship training session. Youngest brought me a mess of 38 brass at Thanksgiving that I may stuff and send back with her for her friend that totes one when she comes visiting next time.

    The "Family Range" makes things easier to keep in touch with site picture, trigger control/follow through and impact on target. So happy to know others share the same pleasures. Wish everyone had greater access to a precious metals depository facility;).

    Dress warm for the next few sessions...old Jack Frost paid a good visit last night...Brrrrrr!

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    I envy those that have a range outside the back door.
    Enjoy. It sounds like great fun and quality time with the family.
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    The .357 is not called the stopper because it is a whimpy round. What's fun is to stagger .357 mag with 38 sp. in the cylinder.
    Like they say the family that plays together stays together.