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    I made it out to the range today. I tested 100 loads. I also blew out some cases for neck sizing.

    Loads all were with IMR 8208 XBR. My rifle seems to like it so I will stick with it for awhile. Of course, the tests go on.

    LC Brass was used in all loads except the Winchester White Box 55 gr FMJ loads.

    Primers were Win SR.

    Xtreme FMJ bullets were used for 50 rounds and Hornady 55 gr psp bullets were loaded for the other 50 test rounds. ALL were plenty accurate for a yote gun. But my rifle seems to like 24.0 - 24.9 grains of powder and the Hornady 55 gr psp's the best. I don't have targets for the XTreme bullet loads. They were not quite as tight as the Hornady's so I did not keep them.

    All groups are 50 yards. Target 4 is a 10 shot group. All others are 5 shot groups. All groups shot with Mossberg MVP Varmint 5.56/.223. Center Point 4-16x40 scope.

    Load data is as follows: LC Brass; Win SR Primers; IMR 8208 XBR; Large GO-rilla bag; 55 gr Hornady PSP.

    Target 1: 23.0 gr
    Target 2: 24.0 gr
    Target 3: 24.0 gr
    Target 4: 24.5 gr
    Target 5: 24.9 gr

    I think I can do better:

    Farthest measurements are as follows:

    T-1: .778"
    T-2: .327"
    T-3: .490"
    T-4: .630" (10 Shot Group)
    T-5: .544

    T6 and T7 are here also but I have to go dig them out.

    55 gr. Hornady PSP
    IMR 8208 XBR

    Target 6: 23.0 gr
    Target 7: 24.9 gr

    Farthest from center:
    T-6: .602"
    T-7: .700"

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    That is some fine shooting hombre. Target #7 looks the best if you adjust your point of aim but I don't see anything wrong with any of them. Any day at the range beats a day at work, especially when you get results like that.

  3. hombre243

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    Thanks. Targets 5 and 7 are the same load. 24.9 gr 8208. Target 2 was also a good group.

    The spot on Targets 5 and 7 are 1" in dia. Target 2 is a 5/8" square. Corner to corner is 7/8". T-2 is actually a smaller group. But T-5&7 are more uniform.

    As you said, all groups are pretty darn good (and for a new gun.) I am going to load 25 with 24.0 gr 8208 and 25 with 24.9 gr 8208. If there isn't much difference, I will go with the 24.0 gr load. Hard to decide when all groups are so good. But if 24.9 can make one ragged hole with 10 rounds that will be my load. It is dang near max (25.3 gr) but there are no signs of high pressure and all cases came out clean. Primers good and no cracks in the brass.
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    Nice shootin'.

    Pic of the gun?
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    OOPS! I forgot. The scope is different now but it is pretty much the same. Sorry I don't have better pictures.

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    Nice shooting. Looks like there's a new sheriff in town:D
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    New Sheriff or just an old Mossback?

    Having an accurate rifle IS a lot of fun.:rolleyes:
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    Good shootin'
    Now that the temps are holding above freezing, mostly, I'm getting anxious to get out with the "new" Marlin and see what we can hit. Sunday looks like a possibility.
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    3_21_15 It was a 1 target day:

    Made it out for just a few shots. Here is the 5 shot target I saved. I had to re-sight the scope. I had bought some new lower rings but they were too low. The rings that came with the scope are a skosh too high. I got a cheek piece with a non removable lift...way too high so, on with the lower rings. No good; too low so back to the original rings. I have some leather so I guess I will make a cheek piece.

    I am almost used to this neck craning but after a while it does get irritating to have to rubberneck to see into the scope. Here is the target...5 shots_50 yards_.223/5.56_24.5 gr IMR 8208XBR_55 gr Hornady psp_Win SR Primers. LC Brass.

    My last shot was with copper Stryker .224 bullets/blems. I fired 10 to test. Shots 1-3 were in the bull. Shots 4,5,6,7,8,9 were all over the place. #10 was fired at the number 8 at the bottom of a target. I hit the 8. I went home satisfied I had my loads worked out for these 55 grainers.

    Word to those who reload these coppers...they're harder than the jacketed and do not like to be crimped. If they don't have a crimp groove or cannelure, crimp with caution so as to not damage your crimp dies or the press handle mech.

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    You have done well Hombre, my friend.
    Pity you are so far away, as you may be able to help with my .270.

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    Still dealing with inconsistent behavior of those wascally booits?:cool: