Reason for more laws?

Discussion in 'Politics and Religion' started by squirrelhunter, Jan 18, 2013.

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    Only with inbread pitbulls
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    The vast majority of law-biding citizens don`t break laws, this is a way to make the vast majority criminals...But so was George Washington
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    Westwood mulls putting concealed guns on its campuses

    [email protected]

    PALESTINE, TX — Westwood ISD is considering a policy allowing designated school employees to carry concealed guns to resist gun violence like the shooting in Connecticut that left 20 school children and six school employees dead.

    “My belief is this is the best way that we can deter (shootings and) to make sure the public knows and any evil perpetrator knows that Westwood ISD will not be a soft target. If they try to do harm to our children, there will be formidable resistance” if the policy is adopted, Superintendent Dr. Ed Lyman said...

    (go to the site for the whole article. H243)
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    Piggy-Backing a WHAT IF scenario on old brass' "Vast Majority"

    :( Take a gander at some old headlines from Sedalia, MO's Ozark Music Festival in July of 1974. Mostly good folks were around here at that time, but the concert promoters full page ad in the "Stone" brought is trash and trouble from all over.

    Some educated guestimates put the out-of-towner crowds numbers at 180,000 up to double that. Things went way out of hand and the local LE Agencies were totally helpless to stop the lude behavior, the wanton destruction of property and the theft of anything these attendees could get their hands on. It's what we see now by "Flash Gangs" in small grocery & convenience stores.

    This bit of history could be used as a wake-up call to those that think everything is hunkie dorie when the Market implodes and civil unrest begins. The have not grasshoppers will be want for the ants goods.

    This ant says... " NOT"!

    'Sup to you to view and draw your own conclusions. My solution to the problem would have resulted in mass crematory pits...but that would violate the BA Bikers, drugged out excuses and the last of the Flower Power girls Constitutional Rights.

    I ask myself..."What the actions of the citizens of Sedalia or any other smaller community/city would result in today"?