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Reassessed my firearm and shooting

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Did a lot of hard thinking last week about the firearms I have and the kind of shooting/hunting I do. Took inventory of guns and set aside ones I have not had much interest in a year or more. I have made up my mind to focus fully on Rimfire Benchrest Shooting (rifle). So Friday I placed 6 pistols on a couple local gun selling sites. This morning the last 2 of the six sold. As I've stated before I dont collect firearms. If I dont like them or they dont shoot to my standards I get rid of them. NO more pistol shooting for Bullseye or Bowling Pins. What went were my target guns. I will keep my carry pistols and a couple for the grandkids. All the rifles will stay, for now. I had very little interest in deer or turkey hunting this year. It has been waning for a few years now.

I will compete and travel to different ranges for matches. I really enjoy it and can hold my own so far.
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Good for you, a man with a plan
The saying goes “Beware the man with one gun, he knows how to use it.”
> >

I totally agree. Guns are tools. If there is a need or a want, keep them. If not, spread the joy and let someone else enjoy them.
Good philosophy...

Me...I'm a collector...but very specific in scope.
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