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Red Dot question?

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If you were going to put a red-dot on your rimfire...... which style/type would you use and why? I'm hoping to find a relatively affordable one. TIA.
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The Weaver bases and rings are designed to accommodate scopes with one inch tubes. They work pretty well and are easy enough a caveman can do it. I'm proof...I used them to put a regular scope on my .22mag. The down side is all 22 rifles have the grooves in different configurations based on ejection port location. It might be a good idea to see where the rings would line up on your rifle and compare that to where the scope would fit. You may not get the scope/red dot in the exact location you want. While my 3-9x40 works okay on my 22mag it sits a little too far forward for my taste, but I can live with it.
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