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Discussion in 'Lever Action' started by stefatc, Oct 8, 2012.

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    I have a nice 30a which was made in 1981. When I bought it the wood is looking a bit older and the metal is not as black as it was in 1981.

    Once the hunting is done I want to work on my rifle, but before to work on it I have, for now, a question for you guy ;)

    Is there someone who knows how to put the bluering back?

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    Welcome to the Marlin Forum stefatc !!

    There is currently a thread running in the gunsmithing forum on that subject...

  3. stefatc

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    In the Model 60 thread in the rimfire area, Spud9 pointed me to this video for re-blueing. Have a look.

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    Interesting video. And I'm sure that Larry knows his business.
    Here is a bluing product that I have used and really like.
    I bought the kit that included the de-greaser, the cold blue and a bottle of oil. I've used it to touch-up cold steel. Should work even better on heated metal. The only question I have about the video is when Larry says to use a cotton ball to apply the bluing. The Van's instruction says to never use a cotton swab (Q-Tip) or cotton ball because it contains oil (lanolin) that will cause splotching. Using a cotton T shirt or an old tooth brush is recommended.
    As for using scalding hot water and wiping it off with a cotton cloth, sound about right. I use scalding hot water to clean the barrel on my muzzle loader. It wipes off easily and the heat causes the remaining moisture to evaporate quickly. Then I apply oil, in this case, bluing.