Reloading .357/.38 Ammo

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  1. MarkCamp945

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    Does anyone have any experience reloading the .357/.38 ammo?
    I'm looking for suggestions concerning the various components .
    Thanks in advance.
  2. FordTruck

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    For decades, my favorite .38 Spl. load was 3 grains Bullseye behind a 158 grain, cast lead SWC. It gave good accuracy in my Smith & Wesson Model 10 to the point I could squirrel hunt with it.

  3. SWO1

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    .38 and .357 are the only pistol ammo I reload anymore.

    I like Starline brass with Sierra bullets. Load mostly Bullseye and Unique powder with Federal Primers.

    I carry a .38 and .357 (take turns), depends on what vehicle I am driving. I have some real good loads for both using 125 gr Sierra. If you are interested I can provide some loading data (from the Sierra loading manual). From testing I get good penetration from both. The 158 gr. loads are good also. I used them in Vietnam in .38.

  4. FordTruck

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    For my geographical location, this small collection of .357 Magnums will take care of anything that needs "taking care of".


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  5. GoesBang

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    I load both calibers among many others. HP38 and H110. Mostly cast, but have a few hundred JHP 158's

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