Reloading components and Obama?

Discussion in 'Ammo & Reloading' started by Hyphenated, Mar 2, 2012.

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    Obama has been the firearms industry best friend. Kind of ironic, but he has driven the sales of firearms and related items through the roof. Along with the increased sales has come increased prices. :(

    My question and concerns are this: If Obama would happen to get re-elected would the prices of powder and bullets get out of control? A lot of my favorite on-line bullet/powder pushers have trouble keeping inventory in stock now. I am trying to visualize the situation with four more years of Obama. Has anybody else been thinking about this?
  2. FOUR4D4

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    Yes I have been thinking of this.Why are prices so high?because he cant take away our firearms so Osama make ammo and components obsolete. Sad But True. oh typo

  3. axxe55

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    i think that i will eventually invest in a set of dies for every caliber i own and possibly even add a turret press for reloading pistol calibers. have also been giving some thought to adding equipment to do my own bullet casting, but haven't desided for sure yet if i am yet.
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    There doesn't have to be a huge investment to get started casting. Lee molds are cheap, and all you really need is a pot, a ladle, and heat source. I bought a Lyman's 10lb pot and pour ladle, but just about anything will work. I use an old hot plate for indoor and a propane camp burner for outside. I was casting usable slugs on my first try.