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reloaing 308 marlin express

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I am new to reloading - a necessity if I want to keep shooting my Marlin 308 Does anyone have any thuoghts on a powder option other than hogdon leverevolution I have a supply of hornady 308 imx roundnose
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I've always had pretty good luck with plain old IMR 3031 gun powder in a 30 caliber cartridge. It's not one of the fancy new johnny-come-lately rifle powders that make all kinds of performance claims either.
Your best advice will come from one of the main reloading handbooks which will list powder and amount in grains by caliber including 308 Marlin. One of the most common ones across bullet weights uses H335 in Lee's "Modern Reloading" but there are quite a bit of data in any reloading handbook which typically have been complied. If your looking for what people think are the best for that caliber who have experience with it on this board IDK, caliber not common even among Marlin owners.

Or since Hornady still makes this caliber you might sweet talk their technical support into recommending one. They have their own reloading handbook BTW.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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