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Remember Memorial Day

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It's a shame the thousands of men and women that died in service to this country yet a small in comparison group of men and women evidently don't care because they are trying to take this country down.
The best way IMO we can honor those that fought for this country is for we now living to make every effort to keep this country going as it was meant to be. A free sovereign nation.
Never forget what this day really stands for... " All gave some...Some gave all !! "

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Just in case your thinking that Memorial Day is all about BBQ.

Thank You to all that Served. All gave some - some gave all.
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God bless the men and women of our armed forces, past and present, and their families. Thanks for the reminders, Gents.
Happy Memorial Day, forum!

US Navy
Happy Memorial Day. God be with our Vets here and gone.
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