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    I've been looking for a used JM stamped 1895 for a year. Couldn't find one in decent condition and started looking at new remlins. Everyone had the same fitment issues, hard to cycle, loose hardware and so on. I was wanting a GBL but ran across a new 22' 1895 and was surprised how the stock lined up perfectly, cycled easy with one finger, everything looked and felt great. So I bought it, cleaned and inspected it. Shot 60 rounds today and sighted a Nikon prostaff at 175 yards. Shot perfectly! No issues or concerns arose. I have a few JM stamped 30-30's for the past 15 years and couldnt tell a difference between them and the remlin. Very happy. Here's just a quick pic I took after I bought it.

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    Welcome to the forum.
    And thanks for the photo. Very glad to hear that you found a quality Remlin.
    Doesn't matter what the reviews say as long as you are happy.

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    Beautiful rifle

    Nice shoes too. :D
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    Yeah,I would like a pair too. lol Nice looking gun man and welcome to the forum. No tellin' what gets picked on here!
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    What is a Remlin?
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    Welcome to the forum...I think the rifle you bought was a good choice. They are nicely balanced and comfortable to shoot. Good pick.

    @tCan....a Remlin is a Marlin rifle that was made by Remington after they bought Marlin out in 2008.
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    I figured that was it.
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    Nice setup Thamac15. One shouldn't assume all the new rifles are plagued with issues but more are than is good for their reputation. Obviously a good one can be found as you have witnessed.

    The shorter rifles are fine in my opinion until the hole in the barrel gets big. I prefer my 45-70 with the 26" barrel over the guide gun my wife had for a while. I think you will find the 22" barrel is a good length as it has been produced longer than any other length in modern production history of the 1895. It must be making a significant number of shooters happy.
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    Nice gun perfect set. Will serve you well!
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    Nice score...

    Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum !!