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Renewed my CCW this morning !

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Called before I went into town and talked to the Deputy who issues the permits. When I walked in he said $40 for 5 year renewal. No prints, no picture, NO QUESTIONS. I handed him the $$, he pressed the key and my permit printed out in about 90 sec. We talked about our gardens and some pistol shooting. Now the county Sheriff issues the permits and renewals and the card had no Pic or other info other than address and exp. date. It had been $30 but he said the equipment for the system required an increase. I have no problem with the $$ or the process. After all it A TAX, plain and simple. He said there are about 200 who had paper permits issued prior to receiving the equip to produce hard plastic cards. They are slowly trickling in to get them.

The new laws were passed and placed into effect before any country or agencies had time to order the gear. The change was inacted swiftly due to the discovery that the Dept of Trans, VIA The State Highway Patrol who had prior issued the permits, had sent the data to the FEDS ...... :mad:

As a result the head of HP resigned. Now all info is kept by the County Sheriff or City police and shared with NO ONE. Does it make a difference, I don't think so as EVERYBODY who wants to know who LEGALLY owns a firearm knows. Funny thing is NOT ONE person who cannot legally own a firearm has come to get their permit........... :eek:
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Must be nice

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Must be nice

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That is the way it should be everywhere! Politics Suck Mon.
Renewed my PA LTCF in January...cost me $20 and one hour of my time. I live 15 miles from the county courthouse in the drive there and back accounts for the time involved !
I don't have to renew my Indiana LIFETIME License To Carry Handgun, but I do have to stay alive long enough to get my money's worth out of it.
It's interesting that you mention this, now. Timing is everything as they say.
I've been putting off getting my CHL for a variety of reasons over the past couple years. Felt that I could do it almost any time. Well, the time is now, actually tomorrow. Actually, I was hoping that Ohio would join the Constitutional Carry List. Not likely any time soon and there seems to be an increase of "evil" drifting into this area.
The hunting Club that I belong to is having a class tomorrow for members only at a super reduced cost so I felt it was time. I guess this qualifies as "who's going shooting today?"
Ohio requires 8 hours class time plus 4 hours range time. After passing the course and applying for the permit, the permit shall be issued within 45 days.
I would like to start a discussing (not to hijack your thread) about concealed carry. Not to put too much information in the cyber world but I'm curious about choices that others find works best for them.
Do you carry full time or part time?
What do you prefer to carry and why? (size, caliber, type, etc.)
What is your preferred means of carry? (OWB, IWB, Shoulder Holster, on the hip, 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock or multiple holsters depending on how you dress.)
Do you carry a BUG?
Do you have additional personal liability insurance and, if so, how much?

I've been watching some on-line videos but was hoping y'all can save me some headaches and $$ by guiding me around some commonly made mistakes.
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I am glad you are going to do "what you feel is right" Looks like a good deal by your club for the reduced costs. I will be the firs to share what I think is right for me in this issue.

I carry on me, most of the time. However I do have one handy at home, in my vehicle at all times.

I prefer to carry a revolver, .38 Spl. A 5 shot Taurus snub nose. Why, #1 is I had bad experiences with the .45 Auto in Viet Nam, after 2 months went to a revolver, .357 to be exact. Ran quite a few .38s thu it also with NO failures to get the job done.

On me I use a hip carry at about 3-4 O'clock


No extra insurance

I will add a few things, I reload and carry them in my Carry Weapon. I shoot my carry gun at least every 7-14 days. I shoot my reloads I have been carrying and replace with new ones. I load 50 at a time and random pick 10 to test before I carry them. I load 125gr sierra JHPs to near .357 specs. I carry an extra 12 for a total of 17 available. good luck on your class and am sure you will have NO problems.
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The class was most excellent. I was mistaken about the times. The class time is 10 hours with 2 hours range time.
There were only 3 in attendance so the training was very personal. Lots of time for Q&A. All 3 trainees scored 100 on the written test. Mostly basic firearm questions with a few questions about the laws.
I am seriously considering a revolver for the very reasons that you mentioned.
For the training, I took a Stainless FireStar 9mm and a brand new Kel-Tec P3AT 380 that I bought for my initial carry. I fired 50 rounds thru each weapon during qualifications. At first, the Kel-Tec had 3 out of the first 12 rounds that didn't chamber all the way but then it loosened up and ran smoothly. The last 22 rounds had 19 hits within a 6" circle at 21'. All 22 were well within the 9" paper plate.
The reason for the "mouse gun" as first choice was the price ($200 OTD New) and the fact that I'm concerned about the weapon being printed as I carry. I understand that is normal at first but will become less of an issue/concern after time.
As you know, I'm a shotgun shooter and don't own many pistols (and only a few rifles). But the ATF wont let me reduce a shotgun to fit into a holster. :))
Thank you for your input. I highly respect your opinion.
Looking forward to more suggestions before I plunk down more serious $$.
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Congrats on your class greyhawk50 ..... :D

Semi autos, revolvers, cal. everyone has their opinion and reasons, none wrong, its a personal thing. As for the Shotgun in a holster, maybe the Taurus Judge. .410, 41 Long colt. A little pricy and not a little pistol. Although different barrel Lengths are availiable. Looks like a snub revolver for MOST brands run from NIB at $400 to $600. If I may suggest look at the Rock Island Model 206 .38 Spcl in the 2" snubby. An ALL steel pistol with good reviews at around $230 depending on the area of the country. In function and build is identical to the Colt Dect. Spcls. Its a 6 shot and capiable (according to Mfg. )of handling .38 +P , just not on a steady diet. I shoot the 6" model 200 and run my HOT reloads thu it some. I think you will like the triggers on the RIs. Single action is REAL GOOD at about 3lbs. Double action is smooth and crisp.

Let us know what you decide on and of course PICS ........ :D
I have had my permit since June and still cant decide on a concealed holster IWB or OWB, either way I will have to make a wardrobe change.With Florida weather its kinda hard to conceal with out printing.
I have about 8 holsters that the Kel-Tec will fit in because I have 2 other pistol of the same size. One is a Taurus Stainless PT-22 with Rose Wood Grips. I bought it for camping use. The tip-up barrel is great for loading a single snake shot round. The other is a Jennings J-22 that I picked up for trading stock.
I have 2 OWB holsters, a Blackhawk & a Barsony Belt Clip holster.
Also have a Molded Fobus Paddle Holster with adjustable trigger guard retention.
Then I have an Uncle Mikes IWB, an Outbags LOB4S IWB along with 2-3 Suede type no-name IWB cheapies.
I'm thinking about a wallet holster or an elastic waistband holster???

As for the revolver......
Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm leaning towards the Taurus Chrome 941 in 22 magnum. It lacks the energy of a 38 spl. but it has 8 rounds. Combine the introduction of the improved 22 mag. handgun ammo, the lower cost per round and the lack of recoil, sounds inviting. Hard to tell what I'll bring home after a trip to a gun show or the local gun shop????

Looking forward to opinions from others that carry.
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I have had my permit since June and still cant decide on a concealed holster IWB or OWB, either way I will have to make a wardrobe change.With Florida weather its kinda hard to conceal with out printing.
Pocket .380 No holster required, nice for hot weather
Pocket .380 No holster required, nice for hot weather
Sounds very doable. Thanks. I have considered that with only a slight twist.
I need to check about that, but I've been told that a holster is required even in the pocket. It wasn't covered in the class. Not a problem, there are many pocket holsters on the market and it would prevent getting coins and stuff caught in the trigger guard.
Another question is about what is legal when I carry in the vehicle. If I take it off my person, what is an acceptable place to put it in the vehicle. I have the Instructor's Business Card & I can call him at any time.
Sorry SWO1. I kinda, sorta hyjacked your thread but it is related.

Anyway; We went to see my granddaughter today and there is a Gun Shop on the way home (kinda).
I came home with a S&W Airweight 638 Stainless. It's a 5 shot 38 spl. +P.
MSRP is $469.00. It was NIB for $429. Not a bargain but fair enough. According to the Dealer, Taurus doesn't make the Model 941 snub in 22 mag. anymore. At least they didn't have one and they weren't listed as available.
They had Ruger LCRs in 22 mag. but they were Blue and I was set on Nickel or Stainless. Plus they were higher priced than the 638 SS.

After I shoot it, I'll post the results. Now I'll be looking for a couple holsters. I got a couple generic holsters that might work. One of our members suggested a 10 o'clock cross draw. I'm thinking that will be my first choice if/when I order one.
I'll also need to order a set of Carbide Dies, Case Length Trimmer and pick up some loading stuff. I'm too tight to practice with new stuff at $.60 a round.
Any and all suggestions are appreciated.


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Ya cant go wrong with a Smith ....... :cool: Great looking revolver.

I have the Lee 4 die set in .38/.357. They are Carbide. Well I got tired of resetting the dies and got another set and set them to .357 in their own turret ...... :p Don't know if you have a Sierra Manual, 5th edition is the newest. I load mine with it, I LIKE EM. Lots of different powder choices, sierra bullets of course .... LOL, I like them also. Unique is the recommended powder for Accuracy with 130 gr FMJ. Nice practice round. I use the 124gr JHP for business. You could use the 158gr JHP, in what was called the Police Load, Now they are called +P. Sierra dosnt list any +P loads, but if you check their Max loads they are the same. I called them once and asked about +P. They said its just a marketing gimmick, kind of like putting Tactical in a name, they don't play that game. Just load their Romppin-Stomting loads and ya got it.
greyhawk50 .... I went to Ft. Leonard Wood this morning to pick up my perscriptions. At the PX they had a 638 in stainless just like your Pic. Cant believe how small and light it is, just 15oz with hammer schroud and 1 7/8" barrel. I don't think you will have a problem carrying it at all. Almost conceals in your hand ...... :) Hurry up and shoot that thing, wanna see how it does.
SWO1; Just for you.
Took the Airweight to a local range and run 10 rounds thru it. I kinda expected a little better but it should improve with practice and adjusting the sight picture.
I was shooting at 21', off-hand with both hands and using the "normal" sight picture and the same aim point each time. Also was aiming at the printed circle on the cardboard and shooting double action only.
Seems to want to shoot a little high and to the right. That could be the results of trigger pull??
All 10 shots were within a 4 3/4" square.

Could there be one of these in your future??????


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All my snubbies shot to the right also. Even with reloads. The Taurus .38 and .357 have adjustable sights so NO PROBLEM. The RI revolver has the grove for rear like yours. I got it down to about 1" right working with different loads, bullets mostly.

My Govt model .38 Super shoots to the right about 2", fixed sights, its next on my list to go to the Smith and fix that. But I just shoot paper with it. The RI 45acp IS RIGHT ON, just had to file the front blade to get em up some. 4-5" aint bad at 21'. In reality 7-12' is more in line with what you will encounter in a Self Defense situation. Need to get some B-27 targets and if you can keep them within the 8 ring double action with Point and Shoot, then NO worries. I know I, and you no doubt like them tighter. Kind of like deer rifles, always looking for that 1" group at 100 yards when 3-4" is more than good enough for Hunting. Our carry guns aren't anywhere near Bulls Eye guns, not ment to be and will never be.

Of course PRACTICE, PRACTICE .... and if that don't work, PRACTICE SOME MORE ........ ;)

As for one for me, probably not in the near future. I like my Taurus and have gotten used to it. Although the 638 was $394 out the door at the base, no tax of course. Quit saying things like that ..... LOL

Oh, I forgot to ask, is one of the two DEAD CENTER your first shot. If so then I have to say ITS ALL YOU good buddy. Not criticizing as that's me to. Different grips might fix that problem also. A lot of people like the Hogue Wrap arounds for better control. Just a thought.
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Oh, I forgot to ask, is one of the two DEAD CENTER your first shot. If so then I have to say ITS ALL YOU good buddy. Not criticizing as that's me to.
To answer your question - No. They were somewhere in the middle of the run. With my failing old eyes, I wasn't sure that they were there until I walked out to the target. Thought that I had missed the target altogether. This group would be more in line with a stress situation.
I was at a range where I hadn't payed my membership yet this year and felt hurried. It's not the best range and I only go there once or twice a years for a quick test on a new gun. I was a member there for many years before I joined the Deer Hunters Club (which would be an extra 20 miles round trip). I'll spend more time on the next trip to my normal range.
It would be nice to have a range in my back yard. ;)
I want to try single action with sand bags to confirm point of impact. Also want to order my Dies and components before I shoot this gun very much. I'll be working on loads then.
And, as you say, I need to practice & practice some more. Whatever the case is, I don't have a problem with Kentucky Windage if needed. Chances are, at 12' - 14'. it will be instinctive shooting anyway.
Just wanted to reply to your last post. If things improve, I'll be sure to post again.
AND; I've never known you to be critical. Just not your style.
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My LGS had two of the airweights. One in Full covered shroud, double action only, and one with the shrouded hammer, single, and double action. He said you think they are light check mine out. He went into the back and brought it out. All Titanium, at just 11.2 oz ..... :eek: He had an oversized wrap around grip on it and said It punishes you with full loads .... :p
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