Results of Trigger work !!

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    This video shows a rifle that has had the Saftey Blade removed. Don't know what other work he has on it, I imagine some to get a lighter pull.

    This shows why it should only be done on a dedicated BENCH GUN and NEVER on a Field or Hunting gun.

    In matches all guns are restricted from having the bolt in the action until the rifle is on the bags and lined up with the target. The line is called HOT when bolts go in and chamber flags come out. Most diciplines require a removable Mag which also cannot be inserted also until the line is HOT.

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    Bloody hell SWO1
    That setup should be banned from the range immediately.

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    I have seen rifles fire from just closing the bolt wrong or too fast.Not sure what causes this
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    Not a RARE occurance on bench guns. Usually from 3 causes:

    1. Accounting for proabley 99% is a Trigger/Sear adjustment that was done a LITTLE to light ( for the shooter ) or one done BADLEY that can happen to anyone. That is the reason for the way a line is ran on the Modified guns. NO rifle goes on the bench with ANYONE FORWARD of the benches. Even when the command is given to bench the weapon NO BOLTS OR MAGS ARE ALLOWED. Once a weapon is on the bench, in rests or bags IT CANNOT BE MOVED out of that position ( except for elevation/windage adjustments ) Once the bolt is allowed to be inserted the line is CALLED HOT. If for some reason a cease fire is called they still cannot be taken out of the rests/bags. The command to DROP MAGS, REMOVE BOLTS, and depending on the range, chamber flags inserted. All shooters are then required to move away from the bench usually behind a marked linel. Not until these conditions are met and verified by referees/range safety officer(s) WILL ANYONE GO FORWARD OF THE BENCHS OR REMOVE A WEAPON.

    2. Very, Very seldom a mechanical malfunction occurs that causes the firing pin to either slip or protrude far enough to contact the primer.

    3. This happens with centerfire guns where a primer is NOT SEATED to the correct depth and the bolt face on closing will detonate it. This is why you don't want to sub Large Rifle Primers for Large Pistol Primers. The rifle primers although the same diamiater are taller and wont seat the proper depth.

    If you watch the video in the first slam fire watch how the young kid SLAMS THE BOLT HOME. You can see the rifle move forward on the bags and contact the fore end stop on the front rest as he slams bolt home. In later frames you can see him properly position the rife in the rest and move it forward until it contacts the stop. After the first one I imagine the adult said something to him about it. Bottom line a young shooter NOT being tutored very well. I would think the gun has a very light pull. A lot of the unlimited guns have triggers down to 2 OZ and less. The bolt actions HAVE TO BE SLICKER THAN SNAKE SNOT on these guns. You should be able to work the bolts with just one finger, open, extract, and close. The rifle is NOT FITTED TO HIM thus causing him to OVERWORK IT. Again BAD instruction/teaching.
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    Got the trigger kit for the Sav MKII yesterday. Installed it this morning. Initial setting tests at 14 Oz. Will shot it when the weather clears and see. Also have the accuriser check piece installed, Exactly the right height .. :)

    My front rest DIY modification to attach a Windage tray is proving problematic. I havnt given up yet but dosnt look promising ..... :eek:
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    Just watched that video. That is way too dangerous. Would have to clean my pants if that happened to me.