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Neighbor brought over his new 770 in .308 yesterday afternoon and wanted it sighted in. I have the 770 in .243 youth model and it has been a good little gun for about 4 years now. Took it to the 75 yard bench and heres how it went:

First off looking thru the scope noticed it was a little fuzzy around the edges of the sight picture. Also even tho its supposed to be a 3X9 40mm it sure didnt look like 9X magnifaction. There is No name or brand on the tube and each ring only has 1 screw holding it.

The bolt is REALLY tight and rough, more so than mine. Around the back of the action where the bolt slide in there is what seems to be a plastic or hard rubber sleave, it aint metal. Once you remove the bolt it is hard to get back in.

They say the removable box magizine has been redesigned with a better latch. It is different than mine for sure.

Shooting Winchester 180 gr soft points (I hate Win Ammo) it only took 4 shots to get within 1" of center with about a 1" group.

On the 4th shot ALL THE INNERDS OF THE MAGIZINE FELL OUT ONTO THE BENCH......:eek: The metal magizine itself stayed in (so I guess the new latch worked) just the spring, follower, and rubber cap from the bottom, and another part I dont know what its for fell out. We tried to reassemble it to no avail, wouldnt stay together.

At this point I noticed the scope rings had worked loose. Took the gun to the shop and remounted the scope. It was mounted to far forward anyway. Its still fuzzy.

On return to the bench put another round in the chamber, with out the Magizine, and fired. Looked back thru the scope and........NOTHING, the cross hairs were gone and the picture was so blurry you could barley make out the target frame. I advised him to return the gun and get something else. WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP !!

Said if it was me would get something without the package scope and an Internal magizine. Hope they will make good on it for him. The gun itself didnt shoot bad. While at the shop checked the trigger pull and it was at just a little over 4lbs. not bad for hunting.

The NEW magizine is the worst Ive ever seen. The scope they put on it is JUNK.
Bit of a shame Mate

My new Remington 700 is a ripper !
Nice and smooth, mind you she kicks a bit, but not an issue.
Neither is my 270 Remington CDL
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