Revolution: It Can’t happen Here?

Discussion in 'Politics and Religion' started by greyhawk50, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. greyhawk50

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  2. 1894

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    As to the first one. I hope and pray that every person that values liberty and freedom of choice is writing their elected representatives , from town to county , to state , to federal. In no way do I want to be forced into watering that tree of liberty , that is a last resort (IMHO) . Preventing these antagonist laws from being signed is my first priority. Tough row to hoe to get any law repealed.
    The second one , being in the obamacare act , I believe that lawyers have said it is just for the doctors , Florida has already put this in court and the appeals court has determined it unlawful.

  3. SHOOTER13

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    Revolution...oh, it's comin' !! ...Not if, but when !!

    When Americans wake up and see that the only freedom they had to

    keep tyranny at bay ( the 2nd amendment ) is gone and we let it

    happen ...sure, they'll start with small things like 30 round magazines, after all,

    who needs a 30 rounder to kill a deer...?!

    Wake up, it's not about hunting deer and ducks, it's about matching the

    firepower that will be brought to bear on you and your family when the

    powers that be decide they want it all...

    Your guns and your neighbors guns are what they fear...and it's the only

    thing in their way that stops them from doing whatever they want. Sure,

    you can write your congressmen, and maybe get a form letter back with

    his or her position, thanking you for taking your time to write them how

    you feel...but at the end of the day, who's responsible for watching that

    they don't outlaw your God given rights, things like Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of

    the American Dream, self reliance without government telling you what you have to do...

    right down to how many cartridges your firearm can hold....what features it can have...

    or blowing smoke by telling you that they will protect you when things go bump in the

    night...because they have outlawed your only means of protecting yourself...

    well, at the end of the day... when they have pushed us far enough, who is

    going to stand up against their tyranny and say "NO MORE !!"...

    IT'S YOU !!

    IT'S US !!

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  4. hombre243

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  5. 28Shooter

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    A few comments -

    Firstly, I think everybody needs to step back, calm down, relax and work on something else for a while - the economy and budget would be nice but those people (read "Lefties" or "Regressives" as there is certainly nothing progressive about the taking away the rights of the citizenry) believe that they must push their agenda and have no problem doing so by wading in the blood of dead children. No honor among such people.

    Second, read the founding fathers and understand why they put the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution. Nowhere does it say anything about "for hunting purposes" as the standard for ownership of what they considered our "Liberty Teeth".

    God Bless these United States and May His Wisdom guide us through these times.
  6. oldbrass

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    The revolution has already started, Unfortunately the King is winning this time
  7. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 RETIRED MODERATOR Lifetime Supporting

    Yea, it took a whole lot of pushing to get the last revolution started too...

    but, once WE THE PEOPLE have had's Minutemen will again take to

    the field to protest the tyranny...and fight for freedom !!