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Rifle vs Handgun Cartridges

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I orders some 38sp UMC ammo online.It states Handgun ammo<Im wondering if it will work in my Rossi ranch hand as well as my revolver.Any reloader gurus would probably have separate cartridges' for hand gun or rifle.They do consider a ranch hand a handgun because of the 12" barrel.Im think of a 1894 38/357:rolleyes:
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I'm positive that it will work in your Rossi Ranch Hand. After all, the Ranch King is rated for 357 mags.
Not sure what your revolver is but if it is a modern day model (not an antique or a Saturday night special) that is stamped 38 spl., should be OK.
Any modern gun, rifle or pistol, will shoot the cartridge that is stamped on the barrel.

The only variant that I'm aware of are reloads listed for the Thompson Contender. Also, the 45 Colt list hotter loads for the Contender and the Ruger Super Black Hawk.
Another rifle variant would be the 45-70. Older (black powder) rifles like the Springfield Trap Door 45-70 are not designed for the hotter modern day loads that are shot in the modern day rifles like the Marlin, Thompson or even the NEF.

Hope this helps.
A lot of the preper group have rifles and pistols in the same caliber, .22lr, .22mag, .38spcl/.357, 44 mag/44 spcl. Also a big following use the HiPoint pistols and carbines in 9MM, .40 and .45acp. Same ammo for both.

In reloading you can load for performance out of individual weapons.
is your revolver a 357 or .38 ? sounds like some range time is coming ;) As far as I know there is no 38/357 "rifle ammo"..Just rifles chambered in pistol cartriges
My revolver is a 357/38 S&W 686-1 I was just wondering don't they make a rifle ammo or one that is versatile with both revolver and lever by Buffalo Bore for cowboy action shooting
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