Rossi .223 and H&R .223/5.56

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  1. hombre243

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    I am only interested in hearing from owners (if any) of a Rossi .223 or H&R .223/5.56 Single shot rifle. The Wizard has me intrigued. The H&R has a 5.56 /.223 version. I like that also.

    How do you like these rifles? Accurate? Or just fun to shoot?

  2. greyhawk50

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    Does previous owners count???
    I own(ed) the NEF (H&R) in both the 223 and the 243. Maybe just me but I wasn't satisfied with the accuracy. That is why I don't have them anymore. Shooting off of a bench with a 3X9 scope, I couldn't get much better than 2 1/2" groups at 100 yards. I tried 3 different scopes before I concluded that it wasn't the optics. Had occasional fliers out to 3 1/2". I called the factory and they said that 2 1/2" group was their production standard. I was shooting accurized 223 reloads but the factory rep. wouldn't even talk about reloads (factory ammo only). The 243 wasn't any better.
    Many years ago, I had a H&R single combo with a 20 ga. barrel and a 44 mag. barrel. As I recall, it shot fairly well. Wish I had kept it.
    :( It really saddens me because I really like single shot rifles. If the NEFs would shot better, I'd have several different calibers of them in my gun safe.
    I do have a single shot NEF 12 ga. rifled slug gun. It shoots great with rifled slugs and sabots, except for it kicks like a mule.
    I have debated about buying a NEF chambered in 45 LC or 45-70. :confused:

    JMHO. Hope this helps.
    I know that SWO1 had/has a Wizard. Maybe he will chime in.

  3. hombre243

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    I was trying to remember who it was that had the Wiz. That rifle is not imported by Rossi anymore. The Braztech name is gone...

    I have read good and bad reviews...most of them are saying the same...they are as good as any cheap gun. If the factory is satisfied with 2.5" at 100 yards they have very low standards. I guess I will pass.

    Thanks Grey.
  4. SWO1

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    I had the Wizard in .308. Also had a .223 barrel but never shot it. I really liked the rifle a lot. It shot 1 MOA with my reloads. HOWEVER ..... after about 3-5 shots, not real fast but probably about 1 min apart the barrel heated up and A-flying they went. 20-30 minutes later it would cool down enough to get another short string off. A real P.I.T.A to test and sight it that way. I also had an H&R in .243. It took a few deer and coyotes. A lot of times it would not extract the spent brass .... :( A neighbor had one in 223 and it shot well enough but also had the extraction problem, its his main coyote gun. I have since parted ways with both of them.
  5. hombre243

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    Thanks for the input. I guess I will just have to be patient until I can get my MVP. I decided against an AR. I am lazy and I hate the thought of trying to clean a semi auto, and i also don't relish the idea of chasing my brass into the next county. Bolt guns have always been my favorites anyway.
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    I agree! All my rifles are either bolt or lever.
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    Mine to...Well almost

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    I have the NEF with the .223 heavy and .308 heavy and the .50 muzzle loader. The .308 is a tack driver 1/2 to 3/4 at 100 yards. The .223 I have yet to find a good load for. I'm getting about 1 to 1 1/4 with handloads and most factory shoots about the same. I've killed 3 elk with the .50 so I'm happy with that.

  9. hombre243

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    I like. Thanks.