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Does previous owners count???
I own(ed) the NEF (H&R) in both the 223 and the 243. Maybe just me but I wasn't satisfied with the accuracy. That is why I don't have them anymore. Shooting off of a bench with a 3X9 scope, I couldn't get much better than 2 1/2" groups at 100 yards. I tried 3 different scopes before I concluded that it wasn't the optics. Had occasional fliers out to 3 1/2". I called the factory and they said that 2 1/2" group was their production standard. I was shooting accurized 223 reloads but the factory rep. wouldn't even talk about reloads (factory ammo only). The 243 wasn't any better.
Many years ago, I had a H&R single combo with a 20 ga. barrel and a 44 mag. barrel. As I recall, it shot fairly well. Wish I had kept it.
:( It really saddens me because I really like single shot rifles. If the NEFs would shot better, I'd have several different calibers of them in my gun safe.
I do have a single shot NEF 12 ga. rifled slug gun. It shoots great with rifled slugs and sabots, except for it kicks like a mule.
I have debated about buying a NEF chambered in 45 LC or 45-70. :confused:

JMHO. Hope this helps.
I know that SWO1 had/has a Wizard. Maybe he will chime in.
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