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Rossi .223 and H&R .223/5.56

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I am only interested in hearing from owners (if any) of a Rossi .223 or H&R .223/5.56 Single shot rifle. The Wizard has me intrigued. The H&R has a 5.56 /.223 version. I like that also.

How do you like these rifles? Accurate? Or just fun to shoot?

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I had the Wizard in .308. Also had a .223 barrel but never shot it. I really liked the rifle a lot. It shot 1 MOA with my reloads. HOWEVER ..... after about 3-5 shots, not real fast but probably about 1 min apart the barrel heated up and A-flying they went. 20-30 minutes later it would cool down enough to get another short string off. A real P.I.T.A to test and sight it that way. I also had an H&R in .243. It took a few deer and coyotes. A lot of times it would not extract the spent brass .... :( A neighbor had one in 223 and it shot well enough but also had the extraction problem, its his main coyote gun. I have since parted ways with both of them.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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