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Ruger Sixguns

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I really like them. When I get a chance, I'll post a pic of some of mine.
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My Ruger six shooter...

I would like to see them too...
swampman, i really, really like the 45 Colt! just beautiful.
44 Mag Vaquero

I like the looks of this gun. Is the action SAA or blackhawk?
I've had a 7.5" S. Blackhawk in 44mag for about six months. I've been having a tough time learning how to shoot it. I'm a pretty good pistol shot so it is bothering me, something is wrong. I think it may be my grip, but with one factory load and 4 lead reloads it appears to be a bit ammo picky too.

I've developed a grip that is moderate in tension. I find I get better accuracy while preventing limp wristing. The 44 moves around in my hands with this grip. I'm thinking the barrel is moving before the bullet leaves the muzzle. When I put the death grip on it the groups tighten up a bunch. I've never used a set of Houge wood grips. I think they would help a bunch while keeping the wood look..
The 44mag "OM" Vaqueros are basically a Blackhawk with cowboy sights. Mine is 4 3/4" barrel Stainless with a fluted cylinder.
Mine shoots everything fine from 44 Russian, 44 Special, shotshells, and 44 mag without problems. I found a mother load of
Blackhills 44-Russian for $11 a box so I've been having fun with those a bit.

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Nice Pistolas fellas. Here is a recent acquisition, an Old Model 44mag that I added a steel ejector housing
and current production Black checkered grips to.

I call it "Black Magic"

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Great pic of that "Black Magic" Johnny !!
johnny, that is a nice looking six gun! very nice and classic looking.
swampman, i really, really like the 45 Colt! just beautiful.
Thanks for taking a look!
My favorite is my 45 colt Old model Vaquero:

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The .44 Russian at $11 box is a steal.

Sorry I could not figure out how to remove the non Rugar (2nd picture)

I use the Vaqueros in first photo mostly with Black Powder cartridges. The New Vaguero's mostly smokeless however they digest Black Powder pretty decent also.


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