RV's. How many own them???

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    So as not to hijack another thread - thought I'd start this one.

    SWO1; Just curious.
    I'm interested in what RV was chosen by you and your wife??? What are your plans for using it???
    After retiring 5 1/2 years ago and add in the fact that I was a workaholic for many years, my DW & I decided to buy a travel trailer and see some of this great country.

    Our first one was a 2010 R-Pod 18'. We traveled with our oldest granddaughter (16 at the time) to Gatlinburg, Tn. for a week.
    Then on to Idaho to see friends and then back through Yellow Stone National Park, The Little Big Horn and the Black Hills. That leg of the trip was 22 days. Great little TT for traveling but really cramped for space and the bath was really tight. That wasn't a problem if you stayed in campgrounds with clean facilities.
    The following year, my wife and I towed it to the Grand Canyon and back through southern Utah where we visited Red Canyon and Bryce Canyon. Came back home on I-70 over Vail Pass. That trip was for 19 days.

    Then we traded up to a 2013 V-Cross Vibe 6501 that was 21'. We took it to Goldsboro, N.C. to visit family and came back through Ashville, N.C. to see the Biltmore Estates and Black Mountain. That trip was 11 days long.
    That TT was great for traveling and sight seeing but not so much for extended living. The bath was a good size but it was lacking on seating for relaxing. Not a problem if you spent your days on the road or out & about seeing the sights. It had a dry weight of 2900# and a V shaped nose. Very easy to tow.

    And last week, we bought a 2012 consignment unit. It is a Grey Wolf 17BH that is 22' long. Our plan is to take it to Fla. for January and February. That will put us stationary in a campground. Needing a little more comforts of home. Then come home through N.C. and visit family again for another week.
    Our Vibe 6501 was put on consignment with the same dealer. Lord willing, we should get within a couple hundred dollars of what we paid for the 17BH. Hopefully, it will sell before we get home.

    Just curious if anyone else in into RV's. I'll post pictures if anyone is interested.
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    The deal on the RV is:

    My wife and her sister would borrow it from my brother-in-laws cousin every summer for the family reunion here. They would stay in it and only used the air and fridg. The Lions Club park we have the reunion at has Elect. hookups, a cook shack, showers and bathroom facilities. It is just a 20'. Queen bed, air, heat, fridge, microwave. 2 burner gas stove top, NO OVEN. Heat and fridge are elect/propane. Small bath, one with the toilet sitting in the middle of the shower.....LOL. Table with wrap around seating that folds down for a double bed. Its a 2003 model and one owner, Great condition. Why my wife wanted it ..... :confused: Only $1500 so its hers now. We only live 20 minutes from the river and the lake, but she wants to stay there for weekends ect. The grounds at the River and lake also have hookups and shower/bath facilities. We might haul it to Nebraska for the Other family get together Labor day week on the Missouri River in Nebraska City, NB. Most all take their RVs to the State Park there and stay all week.

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    That is great. Sounds like you will enjoy it often. Perfect for what you plan to use it for. And it didn't break the bank either.
    It has all the amenities that our R-Pod had. There was 3 of us in it for almost 29 days total the first year and then my wife & I for another 19 days 2 years later. We even loaned it out to some friend for a week when they needed extra beds for a family reunion.
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    I really want one, but don't have one.

    My wife says we can't justify it because we never camp. I'm telling her we would camp if we had one.
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    Never had 1 and never will,for various reasons.
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    I can certainly relate with your choice. Camping isn't for everyone.
    I wasn't into camping except for my annual trip to PA. for deer season. At that time, I had a 13' Hi-Low that was a hunting bunk house. Very basic sleep & eat bunk house.

    This past spring, we went to Fla. to visit my sister. We left the TT at home, drove our Honda and stayed in a motel for one night each way. Couldn't justify the cost of towing the trailer when we had a place to stay when we got there.

    Aside from the initial cost of the unit, there will be some maintenance cost. That is why I chose a travel trailer rather than a motor home. With the TT, there will be tires and brakes to replace where with the MH, there is a complete drive train that will require maintenance aside from tire and brakes.

    As for there being any savings with the RV over staying in motels, that is debatable. With an RV, traveling 350 miles a day at 10-12 mpg is about normal. Then a reputable camp ground will cost about $40 a night.

    With the right automobile, one could travel 500 miles per day at 30 mpg. The saving on gas alone could pay for a motel every night. Another option with the automobile is to stay in a cabin at a campground. Those are becoming more common and run about $60 a night.

    We prefer the TT because we know it is clean and we can carry larger amounts of personal items. And with the widespread out break of bed bugs across the country, we feel better sleeping in our own bed.
    We have a membership with KOA so we get a discount. Plus KOA's are clean, plentiful and safe.
    If we get stuck in an area where campgrounds are lacking, there are many businesses like Walmart and Cracker Barrel that will let you dry camp in their parking lot over night if you check with the management first.

    Like I say, Camping isn't for everyone but we enjoy mixing it with our plans to see the sights that this beautiful country has to offer. Besides, it's another way to spend our children's inheritance. :))
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    We have a 30' fifth wheel Flagstaff. We were going to do a lot camping, but now we are raising our granddaughter, sooooo. Anyone need an RV???LOL