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Discussion in 'Lever Action' started by MattNH, Mar 11, 2015.

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    Stopped by the LGS to get my 350 round daily limit, but they had CCI SV so $27.93 later, I've got 350 rounds.

    Went upstairs and they were slow, so a guy jumps right on me. I know it's hit or miss, but any used Marlin 22 rifles? He shows me a 1954 made model 336RC. So, 2/3rds mag tube, wood is ok, but no bullseye (maybe not walnut?), fore grip is loose, factory sights, 2 buggered up screws and a protruding pin on the left side. The action is pretty stiff. Probably not a lot of rounds through it. But a firm $475, since it's a consigned gun.

    I passed. I'm getting more patient which I consider a good thing.
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    Good on the CCI SV, that is what I shoot out of all my target guns and can't find it.
    I getting so aggravated with the 22 shortage I have sold off a lot of my 22's guns and started reloading 357 and 44 Magnum so I always can have ammo.
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