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Saw this guy this morning....

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Near the Manchester, NH airport, just hanging out.

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Good pic! Showing us pictures of hooters now? Lol
Saw one here a couple years ago, a bit south of the city.
Cool birds.
Obviously viewing planes while sitting on top of the sign reading Planeview Dr?
Awesome stop and look in plain view. Something you sure don't see very often. I have never seen one of these owls in real life.
You didn't make that out of snow to fool us did you? LOL
Cool photo! Hope you weren't walking your pet hamster at the time.:)
My older brother took me out hunting rabbits when I was 10 during the winter in up state New York and a huge snowy owl flew right over us. It was so beautiful, and big. we just stood there in awe as it gracefully flew amongst the snow covered branches. It look big enough to carry me off.
Beautiful picture! Thanks for the memory...
I've got Horned and Hoot Owls in my woods. I love to hear em talk to each other. While deer hunting me and Cameron watched as a big Horned came swooping down and buzzed the clearing we were watching. ALL the squirrels BEAT FEET AND FAST. Amazing how they make NO NOISE when flying, taking off or landing. I read where the average Horned Owl only weights about 2 lbs. All feathers and their bones are hollow. The Original Stealth Attack Plane.
I hear the owls at night, Or I think it`s an owl....goes hooty-hoo anyway
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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