Scope and Hornady LE ammo

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    My wife's 336 is scoped with the standard factory scope that came with her 336 package. While trying to site it in with LE ammo this year, it got to where I couldn't adjust the scope anymore and the LE was shooting around 6 inches high at 100 yds. So where do I go from here?
    1. Shim the scope?
    2. Buy one of those lever gun scopes (are they worth the price)?
    3. by new rings?
    What have the rest of you done with this ammo?
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    I would start with shims to raise the front of the scope up. In other words, move the cross hairs to the point of impact.

    In an ideal world, the cross hairs should be adjusted to the center of the tube (counts the clicks Up-Dwn. and then 1/2 way back. Same for L-R) and that should be close to the point of impact if all was well, which is not in your case. Adjust from there. In your case, that might require a little thicker shim under the front of the scope.

    Assuming that you have a one piece base, it is what it is.
    If you have a 2 piece base, are they the same thickness or can they be reversed??

    You will most likely have the same problem with another scope. New rings won't help unless the ones you have are defective in some way.
    Here is a thread on that subject.
    Hope this helps??
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