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Scope for Marlin 795

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Hi everyone! My name is Robert and I just purchased my first Marlin. The 795 and I love it. I would like to get a nice scope for it but nothing over the top. Not looking to spend more than what I paid for the gun. Anyone have any suggestions or experience with some? I appreciate the feedback.
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Thanks for the feedback. I will look into the Simmons. Would I need anything else to have the mounted? Not sure if a rail is needed or not. The gun is currently all stock.
I will mostly be using at the range or on open land for plinking. I have a gift certificate for both Bass Pro and Cabelas. I will be heading there this weekend. Anything you suggest Gumpy?
Thanks for the feedback. I already put an order in for the Simmons .22 Mag.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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