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Scope Zero For 30-30

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Just curious how those of you who use scopes on your 30-30 handle setting your zero. If you expect most shots to be from 125-200 yards for deer sized game, do you zero at 200 and hold under at 100 or zero for 100-150 and hold over for 200?

I'm scoping a 336TS with 18.5" barrel so my under/over holds may be a bit greater than rifles with a 20" barrel. I expect to use this rifle where the deer usually cross my line of sight at 150-225 yards.
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rooster this is how i did the last 30-30 for a friend. i zeroed it at 75 yards. his longest shot is under 125 yards. the reason is at his longest distance able to shoot it he is at most about 2" under and 50 yards about 1/2" high at most.
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