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See thru rings

NEOHunter, I see that no one has responded to your question. Possibly because many Levergun shooters don't like scopes on their rifles, and most of those that don't mind scopes don't like see through rings.

Anyway; Weaver, Millett, and Ironsighter still make see through rings so someone besides you must want them.

My Dad had a 1953 Marlin 336SC in .32 Special that he had tapped (in early '60s?) so that he could install a pair of Holden "Ironsighter" rings and a new steel tube Weaver 4X scope. He killed a lot of deer with that rifle.

I have to admit, I am one who doesn't care for the see through rings either. After I enherited the rifle in 2003, I removed the scope/rings combo, plugged the holes with screws and installed a Williams FP receiver sight on it (sorry Dad).

The Holden name has been dropped and the rings are now known as just "Ironsighter" but either those or the Weaver's should do what you want and give you years of good service. I have no personal experience with the Millett's or any other brand of see through rings so I can't comment on them.

Good luck and don't be intimidated by more experienced shooters that don't like what you want to do. Set up your rifle the way that it works best for you.
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