Senate votes "nay" on registration & mag cap restrictions!!!

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by Spoon, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. Spoon

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    I'll be darned...Enough of the Senate actually sided with the U S Constitution and our treasured 2nd Amendment!

    Obama's crying and making more boo hoo from the WH Rose Garden as I type.

    The STUPID SOB ain't smart enough to "get it" :mad:

    Check the role and then THANK or CHASTISE your Senator for their support or betrayal and violation of their Oath!
  2. 28Shooter

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    To those of you living in "Free America" I say congratulations! Come the Fall, those of us living in Maryland ("The Free State") will have to get licensed and fingerprinted to buy a handgun. Special thanks go out to the Maryland State Legislature and Governor Martin O'Malley (remember that name folks - he has presidential ambitions) for passing "common sense" gun legislation that treats law abiding citizens like criminals and does nothing to fight crime.