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Shallow firing pin strikes

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Have a Marlin 1895 GBL. I have really enjoyed it till recently. I took it out shooting yesterday and 5 out of 10 rounds failed. The firing pin made shallow strikes. I thought I might have "short stroked" so I made a second attempt at each round. Two fired fine but three didn't. After the first two rounds I made sure I was closing the lever completely but it still happened three more times. This happened on my first box of ammo through the gun also. 4/20 rounds failed to fire that time but three of the factory leverrevolution hornady rounds didn't have powder in then. I figured the first time it was an ammo issue. This rifle has fired 100 rounds through it. Please help is it an operator issue or gun?
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If your not a smith I'd take it to my local TRUSTED gunsmith and ask him to check for strike strength (maybe tough primers like military ) and such.
Could pull the bolt out, take some spray lube with a straw like WD40, blast every nook & cranny of the bolt. Wipe off excess, reinstall and see if that cleared it.
Misfires can be very dangerous...My advice is take it to a gunsmith
Thank you for you advise. I didn't hAve the bolt lubed up so that may have been an issue. I think to be safe I will look for agin smith around here
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