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Thanks Bucky, and Greyhawk for the comments on tape. There is always a solution to every problem (more than one) without spending time and money. thats what I like about this forum, experienced people that give sound advice THAT WORKS. Thanks again guys........:cool:

Oh, and the reason I dont use beer cans is.....I only drink mine in BOTTLES, the glass is to thick.......:D

Sounds like you either need a bartender with a better supply of beer bottles or a machinist friend with a good supply of shim stock along with a computer to run the logarithms to get the max flexibility out of your shimming jobs. Had to take a poke. I've never encountered such troubles, but I'm not a LR bench poker that may need some extra measures built into a shooting system! I did install mounts one time that bass ackerds that through me for a loop...but luckily noticed and corrected before cinching the mounts down tight.

I wonder how many MOA those 2000yd plus kills required with the .338s & .50s took? Probably easier to dope it through the FC system on a mobile 155 than to figure that in a man's head.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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