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Shortened a stock

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First time cutting a stock....

I have an extra model 60 stock and figured it could be shortened to fit my 11 year old. I cut 1.25" off it and refit the butt plate. I want to use it on a Model 70HC, so box magazine fed. I was going to use the model 60 trigger guard and the magazine plate, but while I was removing wood for the magazine channel, the section that would hold the front of the trigger cracked, so I had to remove it all and use the one piece DIP assembly. I added a T nut to hold a front slug swivel. Not a bad little effort on a Saturday morning.

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The boy wanted the stock more "orange-y" like the 2 others i just refinished, so I stripped it and put some Minwax stain (oddly enough called Gunstock), needs a few more coats and then will seal it with Tung Oil. It also gave me an opportunity to clean up the area around the inlet for the one piece trigger guard / magazine plate. I will also use this as an opportunity to put a section of dowel in the magazine tube channel to act as a plug.
It's looking pretty good. You do nice work. I especially like the sights. Would be interested to know what they are.
Thank you!

The sights are Tech Sights. Completely awesome. Made for all kinds of guns, but specifically the Marlin 60/795. They are the classic GI type peep site / front post. Rear sight is click adjustable for windage and elevation. Front sight is fixed. A screwdriver is all that is needed for installation, as long as the gun you are putting them on has the screwed on ramp type front. The rear installs on the dovetail groove on the top of the receiver.

Marlin specific:

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This stock was originally from a vintage 1998 Model 60SB and it had the really thick Mar-shield finish on it. It was tough to strip and I used the last of my Tru-oil on it. I never liked how it turned out. So after cutting and inletting for trigger guard, it had a few blenishes. I decided to refinish it again. I let my son pick the color and he liked the "orangish" Gunstock stain. This time finished with Tung Oil. Fits him great and we both like the stock finish. The test will come April 18-19 at the Appleseed.

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