Sight in tip for new shooters.

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    Here is a sight in tip for new shooters. I don't claim to know it all, but this has helped me be a better shooter. The key to good sight in and accuracy is to be consistent. This not only applies to the way you position and hold your rifle on the bench, but also sight registration on your target.

    I have learned through the years that the traditional circles that come on most standard targets are not your best choice for accuracy. To achieve the best zero when sighting in you must be able to duplicate the site picture every shot. If you don't, how do you know where the error lies when your shots are off? Is it you or the rifle that is at fault?

    I have been taping day glow green or orange squares on plain paper for quite sometime now with good success. I use 2", 3" or 4" squares depending on the distance. As you aim at the target place the square in either the left or right upper quadrant of your scope. This sight picture can be duplicated exactly because the straight lines line up better than trying to guess at the middle of a circle. Another benefit to using the squares is doping trajectory. If for example you are sighting a .35Rem. You know you need to be 4" high at 100yds to be point blank at 200yd, so use 4" squares and keep your shots level with the top of the square.

    Here is what your sight picture should look like. Good luck and good shooting.

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    A great tip. I shoot mostly iron sights and have been having some trouble as my eyes have aged. I'm not sure if this will help, but having a sharp corner to aim for is worth a try.

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    Great suggestion...thanks for sharing it !!
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    Sound great and I'm going to try this
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    Great Tip! I'll have to try it next time at the Range. Thanks


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    Great advice Hyphenated....Thats exactly why bench shooter have these type for for groups

    Also for open sights might want to try a 6 0'clock sight picture. this is what we saw in Military Compatition with Post and Apature.

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    AMEN! My PMI said "Get a good 6 oclock hold then take a little black! I have found that works well for me;) VeryGood advise!

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    Good Call! When I was a SWAT Sniper that is the way we used to practice! It helped a lot! Great Post! Glad you posted it because I forgot about this until you jogged my memory with this post!

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    Great advice Kemosabe.

    Now do you have any advice on how to sneak new rifles into the house without a work-from-home wife catching you? :D