Sighting in for Deer Hunting !!

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by SWO1, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. SWO1

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    It's Time.....Weather forcast this morning.....High 70 at noon....dropping to 52 by 4 PM. Lows 34 tonight...53 high....32 7 days. Almost perfect for Deer. Can let em hang.

    Also for sighting in...Temp and Humidity do affect the process. Sight in at 70+ and then hunt at 25 deg cooler and ya get a little different ballistics. Hope to get started tomorrow. Have 3 guns to get ready. All .308s. Will zero at 75 with Rem 150 gr kor-loks. After I use these up will start using the reloads for next year. The Rems have performed well over the years but have been hard to find around here in .308. But I wont have that problem any more.
  2. Hyphenated

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    You are right....I don't like zeroing my deer loads when it is 80 degrees either. I dialed in my .444 last week on a morning it was in the middle 40's. I hope this coming weather pattern holds up right through deer season.

  3. Bucky

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    Correct, but in the field, I hold the scope on centre, as it will still flatten Bambi
  4. SWO1

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    Temp 40 right now....High 50 wind. Will line up the grandsons .308s today. But first have to rebuild the target frame. Its pretty well shot up. New 2x2s and a new layer of 1" insulation board for backer. Hopefully they are still on from earlier firing....but got to be sure, they start Saturday, early 2 days of youth season.

    When they get home from school they will shoot and make final adjustments on the scope for their eyes. Forecast is Partly sunny Saturday, high around 55. Rain starting Late Saturday night into Sunday again high around 55. Lows in the 40s. They can only take ONE each youth season so maybe both will score last year. Regular season starts the 10th of Nov.

    After today will shoot them again a couple of patchs thru the bore, clean and oil the actions. Gettin ready is ALMOST as much fun as hunting......:D
  5. SWO1

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    Both the Savage and Marlin are within 1/2" of center. Will leave them as is until the boys shoot them. Everybodys sight alignment/sight picture is different even with a scope. Will make final adjustments to their liking.
  6. Spoon

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    You ain't just whistling Dixie when it comes to different peepers on the same rig. Easy to prove to anyone by comparing a 3-5 shot group from the same rifle from two or more shooters. Maybe close and sometimes very noticable, even with great marksman punching to target.

    Learned that the hard way when I borrowed a friend's rifle that his brother had used to kill his deer a couple days before. It hadn't been dropped, knocked to the ground and those boys took very good care of their firearms. Got tired of seeing nothng but does & fawns after roaming the Guadalupe Mtns for about 3 hours. Came across a big blacktail jack and figured I'd harvest him for the wetback that worked the ranch where I was hunting. Missed that sucker by a least it seemed that way. I found a good spot and stump to serve as a solid rest and took 5 rounds to dial that scope in it was off more than a pinch. Good thing too...about 30 mins later I jumped a herd of about 20 mulies out of the bottom of a canyon. They went up the far side across from me and I keep looking and listening. Couple of small bucks among the does & fawns...but I was still hearing another one knocking rocks well behind the group. Turned out to be the largest mule deer I ever tagged :D Bad part...I had to drag that sucker up and down and up and down and up and down 3 big canyons to get to where I could go for a horse to bring him out and I lost the liver along the way :( He had about 1/4 of his hair left on one front shoulder/neck...the rest of it he lost to rocks, juniper branches and oak brush on the long drag, but ate well! I'd have to build a camp and live there till I ate most of one now. No way I'd be able to endure that kind of effort.

    I off track but anyone that borrows another's scoped firearm better bench proof it before heading afield to avoid a miss or worse yet, a crippled and lost piece of prime eat'n!
  7. tahoe2

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    Helped my neighbor sight in his 284 Winchester, when his groups were dead center, mine were 6" wide right.
    He says what's wrong with my gun, I said, nuthin; different shooter, leave the scope alone.
    He killed a buck with it last month just fine.