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Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by SWO1, Jan 11, 2013.

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    With the comment on Catfish in another thread got to bring up...TIME FOR FISHING. I know this is a hunting forum but.....

    Was just discussing today with my brother-in-law its about time to start CRAPPIE HUNTING. Late March they will start spawning here in Missouri. Feburary is the time to start. Matter of fact NOW is a prime time for the tasty critters. They school up tight in the winter and THEY ARE BIG. But I gave up fighting the ice in my quides and chilled to the bone a few years back. Probley the best eating fare of all fish. Next month will uncover the boat, charge up the battries, restock the jig and lure boxes, new line on the reels.

    Like mine fileted, deep fried with fried taters and onions and cornbread. Cole Slaw dont hurt none either......:D My wife and her sister dont eat meat but both will put a hurtin on some Crappie. They keep me and Henry (brother-in-law) busy stocking the freezer. Only have one packet left, savin it for hard times.

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    Trout season starts this spring, Like you my focus shifts to fishing camping and beer....Wait maybe the beer is just me !

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    I've lost track of how many Crappie thet I've caught this winter! Prolly better than 300. Every one I know has a freezer full. It makes a good fishfry in the summer!!