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Slant on news reporting !!

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Browsing thru the internet this morning an article reporting a Rifle theft from a Police Car in Texas. The story started out saying " High Powered Rifle" stolen from a locked unmarked Police Car in a compound. So I'm thinking, a bolt sniper rifle probley. Reading on at the end of the story they say it was a Colt AR 15 and 2 30 round mags, a bullet proof vest and other gear used in raids. Belonging to an LEO agency no doubt full auto capability. After an hour or so the story is no longer up.

If this had of been my or another citizens standard AR platform, semi auto, Headlines would surly have been " ASSAULT RIFLE" stolen and now loose on the streets, advising all to stay indoors while a massive manhunt gets underway. Would play for weeks and spark another round of anti-gun fever. Doubt if we will hear another word on this.
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Don't you just love it! Here in Maryland if stolen from a private vehicle the headline would likely read, "Killer Assault Rifle Stolen From Vehicle - Police Suspect Radical Christian Tea Party Anarchists - State Goes On Lock Down - O'Malley Promises More Gun Control Legislation". Remember that name folks, he's hoping to be a Democrat candidate for President and he's a carbon copy of what we have and VERY anti-gun!
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