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Smart (?) Phone Compatibility

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Are there any plans to integrate the forum with a smartphone forum app like Tapatalk, etc.? I use that particular app with my Blackberry Torch for other forums and find it is very user friendly when compared to using the standard web browser which requires a lot of magnification clicks to read the print on tiny screens.

Just wondering.
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Great Idea :D
I'll run it by Austin...

Done...awaiting reply

Probably have answer on Monday, Austin is out of town !
Wow. That was fast to check into it. I have no idea what the cost for a forum server would be. I can't imagine they give it away. I had to pay a few bucks just to install the user app on my phone.

I understand if it doesn't make sense right now but it sure gives me a lot more access. I spend quite a bit of time using my favorite forums on the phone while I am mobile and waiting, etc.
We will be releasing a forum runner ap. I like the UI of it better than the other.

Unfortunately it takes a little bit for them to get it out.
I don't know what you just said Austin, besides something is coming soon!

Let us know when it is up and running and the name of it so I can download it to my BB.

Thanks for taking action.:D
I will! I meant I like the user interface of Forum Runner Applications better than a lot of their competitors.
Now........that's better. :rolleyes:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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