smoking a bird

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    I know there is a thread for this, but I can't find it.

    I want to smoke the wife's golden bird, a 115 dollar 17 lbs friken turkey!:rolleyes:

    I have a COS grill I modded today with all the mods I could find on the web. Extended the chimney, baffled the smoker, sealed the smoker lid, installed 2 thermometers on both ends at grill height, and I made a coal basket. I fired it up for a test and to burn off metal and RTV fumes.

    It came to 300' in an hour on the hot side and 290 on the cold. It's cold outside so I covered it with leather and foil. That drove it to 400' in 12 minutes. Removed the blanket and it settled at 310. I have an in grill digital meat thermometer.

    By adding the remainder of a 10lb bag I was able to hold it between 290 and 350 for 3 hours. With another 10lb bag it looks like I can do this.

    Looking for any advise you guys can add. The web is cool, and I've learned a new trick from You Tube, but would like to hear from you all. I have a neat receipt, but will add my own special steps. Any pit falls you can point out?

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    $115 for a turkey? I just picked up a 303 Enfield from 1914 for $100.

  3. oldbrass

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    I tried smoking a bird was to hard to light
  4. lingr

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    What kind of rolling papers did you use?
  5. havasu

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    To answer the OP, with heat of 290 to 350 degrees, that is more akin to cooking, not slow smoking. Way too hot IMHO.
  6. duster066

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    The bird turned out great but only by accident. The Chinese made remote therm failed so I was on the clock the old fashion way. Checked the gravy drip at 2.5 hrs for moisture level and the bird looked done. It was a tad dry in the breast but over all it was superb. All though the directions I was using did call for 325 degrees and I was able to maintain close to that it must have been hotter cause it should have taken over 4 hrs to cook, by the book anyway. I think some baffles in my coal box would allow the burn rate and better control the temp. I'll try that next time. But the flavor was very good.