Snake bore cleaner for Marlin 795?

Discussion in 'Marlin Rimfires' started by bountybuddy, Aug 10, 2015.

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    Please tell me where I can buy a snake bore cleaner for my Marlin 795. Will this along with some bore cleaner on a patch be enough to clean the bore of a Marlin 795? I don't want to put cleaning rods down the bore. Thank you for your help. Shoot safe my friends.
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    Walmart .....

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    I bought a 17 caliber bore snake. I use it for my 22s as well as my 177 pellet guns. Bore snakes are pricy.
    I made a bore snake using stuff around the house. It doesn't have the brass cleaning bristles but it works pretty good. I cut a length of a nail for the weight. Cut it to length and ground a flat spot on both sides of one end. Then I drilled a small hole to attach a length of small diameter para-cord. Attached the para-cord to an old shoe lace out of a pair of tennis shoes. tied a few knots in the shoe lace to add size and frayed the end so it would act as a wick for the gun oil. Works pretty good on my 22s.
    Just food for thought. At $10 - $12 a pop for the real thing, this is a good alternative for the handyman.

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    Thank you for a very good idea. And thank to rest of you for your help. Shoot safe my friends.