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Snow Day New to 1894CB in 357

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I am off work today due to a good layer of ICE then 6" of snow on top of that.
People up North, don't laugh. I know you guy's know what and how to operate in snow. But in my state especially the southern part of the state we never ever get snow hardly. I have lived in Kentucky 12 years now and a light dusting that is gone in a couple of hours once a year is usually all we get. Any way work was closed today due to the weather so I finally got a chance to get my Marlin 1894CB out for some pictures. I put on a Skinner Peep Sight and Lyman 17A front Globe Sight. I really enjoy this set up on several of my lever actions. I have this on 3 out of my 7 Lever action rifles. The rest have 1 with XS sight rail and3 with Williams peep and regular front Hooded sight.
Here she is 2009 model at the end of the New Haven run before NY move.

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Octagon Barrel and Ballard Rifling I believe. But all the new one have Ballard I Believe. Someone more knowing will chime in.
Thank you very much
Thanks, that is one of my favorite guns
Thanks Mark
Welcome to the forum. I believe that you take the first two digits of the serial # and subtract it from 100 and that will give you the year it was made. So yours would be a 2001 model year I believe.
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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