So, whats the most fun gun to shoot?

Discussion in 'Marlin Rimfires' started by RIFLEMAN97, May 31, 2013.

  1. varmint

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    My favorite go to gun is a Marlin 39 AS. Has to be one of the best plinkers ever.
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    A favorite of mine is the beretta mod 71 or another name is jaguar. It's a .22cal with 10 rounds the gun would perfectly fit a person even with small hands. It has a very light comfortable feel to it and is quite accurate. I have the 3.4 inch and the 6 inch barrel for gun. To change barrels u can be blindfolded, cleaning gun is a breeze with the ease n few parts in the gun. I can easily understand why it was an Israel Mossad favorite in the seventies. Also what I think us remarkable about it is that when u fire the gun it almost sounds as though it has a suppressor. I can shoot any ammo with ease and for unknown reasons the gun doesn't seem to get dirty as often to others. A real pleasure to learn on and shoot as well.
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    A easy gun to clean/work on always makes for fun. My High Standards are like that. Takes about 20 seconds to get it broken down for cleaning. Fun to shoot also. My most fun though? That has to be my first year ['61]S&W model 53 Jet. For those that don't know the 22 jet is a 357mag case, necked down to a 222 projectile. The sound, and fireball is unmatched!!! A awesomely fun gun to shoot!!!
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    I like to shoot my Beretta Storm 9mm and UZI the most :cool:
    Next is my 39 Golden Mountie :)
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  6. FOUR4D4

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    So, whats the most fun gun to shoot?

    We have to chose just one?
  7. varmint

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    Any one I can get ammo for.

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    My new fun guns are my Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 and Hi Point 45ACP. I got them about 3-4 months ago and haven't got out to shoot them much but I shot them gooder than any of my other pistolas. OK, I shot it better...:rolleyes: Here are my "first time out" pics.

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    Those big, ugly High Points shoot really well once you get 'em dialed in. 1 son-in-law bought two for $110 each a couple years back. We broke 'em in after setting unused for 2 years with ~450 rounds of 185 TNC cast in a moderate load. Shot darn near every piece of color out of two see N shoot small targets at 7-15 yds. Can't hide them, but when they hit where you aim...does it matter if/when the time comes?
  10. SWO1

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    I had the .40 at one time before I got the RIA .45 and .38 Super. It ran every factory round I fed it, JHP, FMJ, without any malfunctions. It also shot excellent. About a year ago somebody offered me a LOT more than what I paid for it ..... so I don't have it anymore.
  11. Trektoy2

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    Favorite Marlin is my model 700, shoots like a tac driver. That and I tacticool'd it. Yes 700 not 7000. It has a heavy barrel, clip fed and was one of those big 5 auto store branded Marlins. The only reason I mention that is a lot of people say " well there is no 700 you must have missed a number".
  12. Nogoat

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    I'm thinking any thing that shoots and hits the target, give or take user error.

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    YEAH, BABY!!
  14. FordTruck

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    My old, beater S&W Model of 1917 made in 1918.

  15. Hillbilly

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    My marlin 1895gbl 45/70 government
    It's a Blast to shoot literally
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  16. Mauserhooked

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    Main gun on the M60A1 tank. Thank God the taxpayers paid for the rounds. Also enjoy plinking with an SKS.
  17. DUTCHS

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    S&W 460 XVR...We're talking fun here!!! photo 1 (19).jpg

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  18. hombre243

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    16 inchers on BB64.
  19. Gumpy

    Gumpy AKA Richard Prestage

    DUTCHS, that's what you call a horrendous flash! That's cool.
  20. oldbrass

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    Good Lord that`s a hand cannon