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DeWitt Iowa area.

Purchased in 2012. Fired 100-150 rounds. Excellent accuracy.

If you reload I have 3 pounds of Leverevolution powder. I also have factory rounds as well as reloads. If you don't want the reloads I will pull the bullets and powder and just ship the primed and unprimed empties. None more than once fired.

$350.00 for the rifle only. Shipped to a FFL or face to face. Buyer pays all freight fees and shipping and transfer costs.

Total $550 for the Rifle plus all shown reloading items, including Lee dies, powder, ammo and empties. If you don't want the powder, I will knock off $50.00 and you will save hazmat fees.

Here is a pic of the rifle and a 100 yard target. The center is 1" on a Dirty Bird target. I actually shot a tighter 3 shot group with the 3030 than with my Savage .308.

OK, I got the whole shebang on the table for you to have a look at.

email me @ [email protected]



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